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Clever challenges await you!

Our games​



2022, Puzzle book

"LOK" is a book of mind-bending word-search puzzles. Besides solving puzzles, you must also figure out most of the rules by yourself. The result is a deep and rewarding experience with many surprising twists and insights.



2023, Puzzle book

"Abdec" is a forgotten text book about the writing system of the weird little "Abb" creatures. Their typography resembles devilishly difficult packing puzzles. Discover the forbidden secrets of "Abdec" by figuring out the rules all by yourself!


Puzzle board game

〜 UPCOMING - ETA 2024 〜

"Herd" is a cozy solo puzzle board game, still in development. ​You solve puzzles by guiding Shepherds and Sheep home. You do this by sliding, jumping and stacking six playing pieces on grids printed in a big illustrated book.


LOK Digital

Puzzle videogame

〜 UPCOMING - ETA 2024 

"LOK Digital" is the videogame adaptation of LOK. Made in collaboration with Raindrinker of Icedrop Games and published by Draknek & Friends, it expands on the original paper puzzle premise with new puzzle, mechanics and paper-transcending twists.



All Is Bomb

2021, Card game

"All Is Bomb" is an award-winning quick and puzzly solo/cooperative 18-card game for one or two players. Your goal is to prepare the perfect breakfast for the princess before she wakes up, which is difficult, because everything is a bomb.


2021, Puzzle book

Lineon is a book of paper-and-pen puzzles. It tells a story about lethal chases, frantic battles – and about saving a little girl’s life. All is told by just drawing lines between points.


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Letibus Design publishes physical / print & play puzzles and board games. It was founded in 2020 by Blaž Urban Gracar as an outlet for his games. Based in Izola, Slovenia, it currently comprises of Blaž as the lead designer and Neva Furlan as the sales manager.

Letibus' mission is to release cleverly designed and tactile games that expand the minds of the solvers. We strive to innovate and surprise, to teach and progress, to unearth the undiscovered possibilities of the physical game medium.

Artwork Chapters copy.jpg


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Contact us if you have any questions regarding Letibus games, orders, or just to say hello. We don't plan to release games by other authors in the near future, but feel free to submit your game if you want us to take a look.

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