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For my whole life I've been appreciating games (video and tabletop) as a great pastime, but it wasn't until 2018 that I started seriously making games on my own. I create tabletop games that usually have puzzle elements and are suited for a solo player or a collaborative group.

Letibus Design

I publish most of my games under the Letibus Design moniker - you can find the official Letibus page here.

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LOK (2022, Letibus)

Puzzle book, 1+ players


"LOK" is a book of mind-bending word-search puzzles. The goal of each puzzle is to find Lok ​keywords and use their special effects to black out all cells in a grid. On top of that, you must also figure out most of the rules by yourself, deducing them from the carefully crafted sequence of puzzles. The result is a deep and rewarding experience with many surprising twists and insights. Available as a physical book and as a PDF file (also in Japanese translation).


All Is Bomb (2021, Letibus)

Card game, 1-2 players, 15 min


"All Is Bomb" is an award-winning quick and puzzly solo/cooperative 18-card game for one or two players. Your goal is to prepare the perfect breakfast for the princess before she wakes up, which is difficult, because everything is a bomb, including the princess, the prophets, the dishes and yourself. "All Is Bomb" won the YouTubers Choice Award For The Best Game in the "2021 Solitaire Print and Play Contest" on BoardGameGeek. Available as a free print'n'play game or as a physical deck of cards.


Abdec (2023, Letibus)

Puzzle book, 1+ players


"Abdec" is a forgotten text book about the writing system of the weird little "Abb" creatures. Their typography resembles devilishly difficult packing puzzles. Due to a fire accident that burnt an important instruction page in the book - the last remaining "Abdec" book in the world, which was also scanned for this digital edition - players need to figure out how the "Abdec" writing system works completely on their own. Available as a PDF file.

Other Projects



Lineon (2021, Letibus)

Puzzle book, 1+ players

Status: Arrested development


Lineon is a book of paper-and-pen puzzles. It separates itself from similar puzzles like Sudoku, Picross or Connect-The-Dots by telling a story. It is a story about lethal chases, frantic battles – and about saving a little girl’s life. All is told by just drawing lines between points. This is an unfinished game that I might return to sometime.


Kul ti bo (2020, Vseočesje)

Tool, 1 user

Status: Sold out

Official page

"Kul ti bo" is not a game, even though it uses 7 cards and a die. It is a tool for a more positive lifestyle. I genuinely think that we can program our thoughts and lives with carefully placed triggers. "Kul ti bo" is such a trigger - every morning you roll the die, move as many cards to the back of the pile as there are pips on the die and read the top card - it tells you a positive affirmation for the day. 


CoronaLine (2020, Letibus)

Abstract strategy game, 2 players, 5 min


CoronaLine is a simple 2-player abstract game I made in March 2020, at the beginning of the Corona crisis. It was made as something causal to be played by members of the same household while in the lock-down. To play CoronaLine, you just need a piece of paper and two pens. 

Paper Puzzles


A big passion of mine lately have been logic paper puzzles. I like solving them and I like constructing them. Below you'll find a selection of paper puzzles I made.


Limbs (2022)


Limbs is a genre of paper puzzles I made the most puzzles for (excluding official Letibus Design published puzzle games). Puzzles involve drawing lines on the grid to shape up strange creatures with three hands. The rules are included in the link.

h (2022)


A set of 6 images without instructions that the solver must decode.

Rainbow (2022)
Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2Puzzle 3Puzzle 4
A loop-based genre that uses three different colours. 
The rules are included in the links.

Barbed Wire (2022)

Puzzle 1 / Puzzle 2 / Puzzle 3Puzzle 4 / Puzzle 5

Loop-based puzzles about changing the mode of drawing lines between diagonals and orthogonal lines. The rules are included in the links.

Sew a Loop (2022)

Puzzle 1 / Puzzle 2

A loop-based genre that makes you count how many turns the loop made. The rules are included in the links.

Soup (2022)

Gridless puzzles about connecting corners of strange shapes.

Triangles (2022)


Puzzles about funny little beings moving through a triangle world. The rules for these puzzles are learned solely through image examples.

Beans (2022)
Puzzle 1 / Puzzle 2 / Puzzle 3

Puzzles about shading cells that follow a somewhat complicated set of rules, which lead to very interesting deductions in my opinion. The rules are included in the links.


I sometimes also make logic puzzles and hybrids in genres by other people. Below are some of the more notable ones. The rules are included in the link.

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