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is a forgotten textbook about the writing system of the weird little "Abb" creatures. Their typography resembles devilishly difficult packing puzzles. Due to a fire accident that burnt an important instruction page in the book - the last remaining "Abdec" book in the world, which was also scanned for this digital edition - players need to figure out how the "Abdec" writing system works completely on their own.

Check out the first 15 puzzles of the book:

"Abdec" is available for purchase as a PDF file and JPG images + a PDF with solutions. 50 puzzles, 62 pages.

If you cannot or choose not to purchase the game, you can also download a free community copy on the Abdec's Itch.Io page (while it's still on stock).

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"Abdec" was written and designed by Blaž Urban Gracar, a Slovenian artist. He is a musician (composing music for the theatre, producing left-field electronica, playing keyboards in a rock band), writer (publishing poetry, prose and comic books), filmmaker (editing and animating short films) and game designer (mostly creating puzzly solo games). He lives by the sea with his partner, her daughter, three cats, a dog and a turtle.

Blaž's official page

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