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Literature has been a part of my life since I remember, having written my first short story around the age of 7 and finishing my first novel at the age of 11. In many ways it's my favourite form of expression, even though it's also the hardest one to force out and it usually comes into my life every few years by itself. I write in the Slovenian language.


Below you'll find a list of my major published and unpublished works, excluding all shorter writings which comprise the majority of my archive. If you're interested in my shorter prose, be sure to follow my Instagram page, as I regularly post (and also delete) various snippets.



Sluz (2021/12/15, Vseočesje)

Graphic novel, 156 pages


Mentions of a mysterious slime start appearing all over the Facebook chat rooms. The more people learn about it, the more they are intrigued by it and ultimately doomed by it. "Sluz" is available as a physical book and as a PDF.


Trnk (2018/06/25, Vseočesje)

Short story, 40 pages

Currently not available

A young worker in a warehouse finds a crate with a sleeping witch. She transforms him into a worm.


Tat not (2017/09/22, Vseočesje)

Novel, 160 pages


A young musician is frustrated by his lack of success, so he performs a magical ritual to achieve fame. As a result he summons Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart into his living room. "Tat not" is available as a physical book, a PDF, an EPUB and an audio book.


Lahko si jabuka (2011, Vseočesje)

Poetry collection, 76 pages


A collection of poems I wrote between 2009 and 2011. The period in which I wrote poetry was very intense, but also short-lasted - I have written maybe 30 additional proper poems in 10+ years since releasing "Lahko si jabuka". The collection is available as a physical book and a PDF.


(Photo by Natalija Gajić)


Kako bo Binik umrl? (2014)

Novel, 291 pages

When I was 8 years old, I started writing my first fantasy novel about a yellow being called Binik, but I never finished it. 12 years later I started working on a sequel "How Will Binik Die?". It's about Binik's old age and how he asked me - the writer - to write him the most beautiful death of all. It's also about how I - the writer - fell in love with an older woman. But most of all it's about growing up.

Seks, droga in afrobeat (2010)

Novel, 168 pages

A story about four friends who are connected by romance, partying and a brand new drug called "Metaphor", which allows them to manipulate reality through hallucinations. The drug is controlled by an otherworldly entity, which manifested on Earth in the form of Method Man, the famous rapper from Wu-Tang Clan.

Kaeto (2009)

Novel, 179 pages

Adventures of an 18 years old guy, who just wants to drink, smoke and have sex all the time, but is increasingly cock-blocked by a split personality which is growing in his lungs and wants to take over his body.

Koreninje (2008)

Short stories, 127 pages

A collection of non-fiction vignettes I wrote when I was 16 years old and have just discovered dance music, drugs and love.

Dogodivščine Jojoja Macolke (2002)

Novel, 220 pages

The first novel I finished at the age of 11. The story follows Jojojo Macolka, a strange being that looks like a foot with a face. He sets off on an adventure into the vast fantasy world.

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