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Music is my main creative outlet. I produce strange electronica (a mixture of IDM, hiphop and classical music) as a solo artist Blaž (I previously used the pseudonym Dpek); I compose award-winning music for theatre plays; make soundtracks for films and commercials; and produce beats for rappers. In the past, I was a member of bands R.I.C. (with Drill), Blaž + Simon (with Simon Intihar), BAGS (with Šuljo) and Lelee. I used to study piano and sing in a choir.

Below you'll find a list of basically all the released music that I've made or collaborated on, excluding some tracks I produced or rapped on when I was a teenager and a full-length album I've made in 2019 that I released under a secret pseudonym.

(Author of the photo above: Aleš Rosa)


Blaž - Are You A Player (2023/10/27, Beton Records)


"Are You A Player" is my most recent album so far. It's sort of a come-back album, since I haven't released anything serious in 5 years.

Blaž - Steven (2018/04/13, Beton Records)


"Steven" is a concept album about an instrumental sound that wants to find its own voice. It won the 1st place as the best Slovenian album of 2018 on Beehype and the 1st place for the best album of 2018 on Popscotch.

Blaž - Don't Listen To This (2016/03/17, Beton Records)


My first proper full-length album. It was made in part in collaboration with Simon Intihar, a drummer I played with in that timeframe.

Blaž - The b Of (2014/12/23, Beton Records)


A compilation of the best material from the first 6 EPs that I released between 2009 and 2014. It was published in a limited edition special packaging - you can see the pictures of it here.

Singles & EPs


Blaž - Pička (Single) (2022/01/07, Beton Records)


Blaž - Into The Zoom (Single) (2021/01/12, self-released)


A track​ made as a soundtrack for my puzzle game Lineon.

Blaž - Bee (Single) (2016/07/11, self-released)


Blaž - BMX (b Remixed) (EP) (2015/02/03, Beton Records)


A compilation of remixes of my EP "b" made by Borka, kleemar, N’toko, Obskura, Simon Intihar, Some1Else, Šuljo, tuann and Whynnel, plus one exclusive track of mine.

Blaž - b (EP) (2014/06/13, Beton Records)


Blaž - My Preparation For War (EP) (2012/09/26, self-released)


Blaž - Fertile Eggs (EP) (2012/03/24, self-released)


Blaž - Follow Steam From Orgasm (EP) (2011/11/17, self-released)


Dpek - Outdoor Bits (EP) (2009/09/23, formerly Cold Busted / now self-released)


Dpek - Sofa Bits (EP) (2009/01/14, formerly Cold Busted / now self-released)


Older EPs & singles that aren't available for listening anymore:

  • Dpek - Loglord (EP) (2007, self-released)

  • Dpek - Father (Single) (2006, self-released)


N'toko - Emirates (2017/03/17, Unique Records)


Made this album together with the acclaimed Slovenian rapper N'toko, we made all the music together and I've provided all the production.


R.I.C. - Masaker (2008, self-released)

A rap album I made with the Slovenian rapper Drill under the name R.I.C. (Rest In Chaos) when we were 16 years old. We both rapped, while I made the majority of the beats.

R.I.C. - Loud Silence (2003, self-released)

A rap album I made with the Slovenian rapper Drill under the name R.I.C. (Rest In Chaos) when we were 12 years old. We both rapped, while I made all the beats. This was my first released album - we sold it to our classmates.

tip ga poka drugace.jpg

(Photo by Karim Shalaby)


Lelee - Snaga (2023) - Stream

Co-wrote the track, played the synths on the track.

Lelee - Nestaješ (2023) - Stream

Co-wrote the track, played the synths on the track.

Blaž - BLJUF:) (2021) - Stream
Appears on "Rx:tx Gathering 3" compilation.


Lelee - Kopnež (2021) - Stream
ed the synths on the track.

Blaž - Fuck Berghain (2020) - Stream
Appears on "FCKXMS" compilation.

Blaž + Simon - Suicide (2020) - Stream
Appears in "Be10n" single series, an unreleased song made in 2015.


Blaž - Sushi (2020) - Stream
Appears in "Be10n" single series.

BAGS - Ivanov Galop (2020) - Stream
Made with Šuljo as BAGS, appears in "Be10n" single series.

Blaž - They Don't Get It (2019) - Stream
Appears on "rx:tx: Gathering 2" compilation.

Blaž - Detergent (2019) - Stream
Appears on "Herbarium" compilation.

Drill - Naj Naj (feat. Cyam) (2017) - Stream
Played some of the piano melodies on the beat.


Borka - New Religion (Blaž Conversion) (2017) - Stream
Remix of Borka's song, appears on "Paleyr Pinao". A modified version also appears on my full-length album Steven.

Blaž - Ride Through Memories (2017) - Stream
Appears on "SN1F" compilation.
Blaž - Arrigoni (2016) - Stream
Appears on "Giro" compilation, which I also curated.

Blaž - Little Dicks (2016) - Stream
Appears on "Access Frame: Property" compilation.

The Canyon Observer - FVCK (2015) - Stream
Made the sound effects on the album.

BAGS - Skin Graffiti (2015) - Stream
Made with Šuljo as BAGS, also appears on "Slovenian moMENT 2016" compilation.

Dpek - I Go Sunshine (2011) - Stream
Made as Dpek, appears on "Sampler 2011" compilation.

Drill - Paf Paf feat. Dpek (2010) - Stream
Produced it and rapped on it. This was my last appearance as a rapper. Appears on Drill's album "Vokalni dirigent".

80s Casual - Fiesta (Dpek Remix) (2010) - Stream
Remix of 80s Causal song, appears on "Fiesta Remixes".

R.I.C. – Popizditis C (2007) - Stream
Appears on "Hiphop Val" compilation.

tip dela za gledalisce.jpg


  • Dan, ko jaz ni bil več jaz (2023, Theatre) - More info

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ screamage (2023, Theatre) - More info

  • Kako je padlo drevo (2022, Theatre) - More info

  • Krize (2022, Theatre) - More info

  • Mali princ (2022, Theatre) - More info

  • Usedline (2022, Theatre) - More info

  • Reformatorji na odru (2021, Theatre) - More info

  • Prasica (use of songs "Gangsta Angel", "The Frown", "Stefan Burnett") (2021, Film) - More info

  • Vročina (2021, Theatre) - More info

  • Kons: Novi dobi (2021, Theatre) - More info

  • Gejm (2020, Theatre) - More info

  • Kratki rezi (use of song "My Feet Are $ & †") (2019, Film) - More info

  • Sedem dni (2019, Theatre) - More info

  • Pljuča (2019, Theatre) - More info

  • Ob zori (2018, Theatre) - More info

  • A1 Commercial (use of song "New Religion (Remix)" (2017, Commercial)

  • Odraščanje (2017, Film) - More info

  • Pod gladino (use of song "Adam's Fall") (2016, Film) - More info

  • Nisi pozabil (2016, Film) - More info

  • Recepcija (2015, TV Series) - More info

  • Male ribe (2015, Film) - More info

  • A1 Commercial (use of song "Ice Tea") (2014, Commercial)

  • Tujca (2014, Film) - More info

  • Rejnica (2014, Film) - More info

  • Kam (2013, Film) - More info

  • Ivan brez življenja (2013, Film) - More info

  • Limonada (use of song "Orangepinklove") (2012, Film) - More info

  • Božji otroci (2012, Film) - More info

Music For Teatre/Films
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