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I was born in October 1991 in Koper (Slovenian seaside). As I child, I was an avid illustrator, drawing comic books for my classmates, until I focused more on the literature and music in the elementary school. I wrote my first novel at the age of 11 ("Dogodivščine Jojoja Macolke) and started composing hiphop beats, beatboxing and rapping with my classmate Drill, with whom I formed a duo called R.I.C. (Rest In Chaos). At the age of 16 we released our debut album "Masaker", while at the same time I released two solo EPs of electronic music under the name Dpek on the American record label Cold Busted.


I finished the high school of arts in Ljubljana (SŠOF) and went on to study film editing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT). At the age of 19 I published my first poetry collection "Lahko si jabuka". After graduating, I started seriously engaging with music, releasing a string of solo releases, playing concerts and making music for films by my ex-classmates, which later on brought me to making music for the theatre. I produced an album for N'toko, played with drummer Simon Intihar in the duo Blaž + Simon, played with Šuljo in the duo BAGS and played as a keyboardist in the rock band Lelee. I published my first novel at the age of 26 ("Tat not") and around the same time started designing physical games (paper puzzles and tabletop games). Currently, I'm mostly working in the theatre in making games.

(Author of the photo above: Eros Brajko)


  • 2024 - Thinky Awards - Award for the best pen and paper puzzle in 2023 ("Abdec")

  • 2021 - Borštnikovo srečanje - Award for the best music in a theatre play ("Gejm" and "Sedem dni")

  • 2021 - Solitaire Print and Play Contest (BoardGameGeek) - YouTubers Choice Award for the best game ("All Is Bomb")

  • 2019 - Beehype - 1st place for the best Slovenian album in 2018 ("Steven")

  • 2019 - Popscotch - 1st place for the best album in 2018 ("Steven")

  • 2016 - AltCine Action - Award for the best editing ("Kopanje")




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