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Guide little creatures home through tactile movement puzzles!

Herd is a cozy solo puzzle board game

by Blaž Urban Gracar.

You solve puzzles by guiding Shepherds and Sheep home. You do this by sliding, jumping and stacking playing pieces on grids printed in the book.

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Herd is still in development, but you can play the early access version!

You can download the PDF of the book to print it out. For the playing pieces, you can 3D print custom Herd figurines, modeled by Vojta Karen - or use and modify whatever you have at hand, like checkers pieces or Lego blocks! Paper templates are also available for assembling, but it is suggested you use them as a last resort, as they can be flimsy.

You can also play the game online in Google Slides.

The first chapter (of two) was also kindly adapted to PuzzleScript by Clickmazes (this version has slightly outdated puzzles).

The final version of the game will be available as a physical product - with a printed, spiral-bound book and 6 figurine pieces: 2 black Shepherds, 2 white Sheep, a domino Herd and an L-shaped Herd.

Join the community and help in development!

Herd wouldn't be what it is today without many kind people who offered feedback for the earlier versions. As the project grows, it proves itself more and more as something quite special: a block-pushing puzzle game, against all odds detached from devices and screens, supported and even enhanced by its physicality. Any help whatsoever would push Herd to reach its true potential.

You are invited to join our Discord server and sign up to our newsletter, to help in development by providing feedback or simply following along!


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