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The princess is sleeping. You, the royal servant, must prepare the perfect breakfast for her before she wakes up, which is difficult, because everything is a bomb. You must consult the prophets about what kind of breakfast she wants (before they explode) – you must prepare the desired dish (before it explodes) – and serve it to the princess the moment she opens her eyes (and explodes) (everything explodes) (this is inevitable).


ALL IS BOMB is an award-winning quick and puzzly solo/cooperative 18-card game for one or two players. Your goal is to manipulate the deck, so the princess ultimately eats the desired dish – but before you discard too many or too important cards.

Aside from the initial setup, there are no random or hidden elements to the game. The cards still tend to explode in unpredictable chain reactions, so you’re never sure which move can lead to your downfall. ALL IS BOMB is a game of taming an explosion.

The game also comes with 6 modular expansions, 2 variants and a campaign mode.


YouTubers Choice Award For The Best Game

BoardGameGeek's 2021 Solitaire Print and Play Contest

How To Play


Every turn, you play a card. The card's number says which card from the deck you "equip". You then perform the played card's action.

When the cards are played, they progress from the passive state to ignited state and are ultimately discarded, so the whole deck is constantly on the brink of exploding.

You must play Prophet cards to find out what is the "desired dish". If you play the Princess and "equip" the "desired dish" in the same turn, you win the game!



Physical Cards

ALL IS BOMB is available for purchase as a physical deck of cards. It is printed by The Game Crafter, using a print-on-demand system. Buy it now!




ALL IS BOMB is also available to download for free as print'n'play files. You can print the files yourself and cut them into playing cards. Download now!



Play Online

ALL IS BOMB can also be tried out in your browser, on the site. The game was kindly ported by the BoardGameGeek user UberDante. Please note that the following links are public, meaning everybody plays in the same online room, so keep it tidy and reset after playing.




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"... Far from riding on superficial wackiness — although it’s plenty wacky — the real draw of All Is Bomb is the way it blends state-changing powers and careful planning ... All Is Bomb is an extended tickle. Okay, not that extended. About ten minutes. Just right for a tickle."

- Review by Space-Biff!

"Blaž Gracar’s solitaire microgame All Is Bomb deserves recognition. There's a tendency for critics to go easy on lighter fare. I'm as guilty as anyone. Call it the indie film festival effect for board games. It's not so much a question of trying to soft-peddle anything. Rather, it's an issue of investment. It's easier to be enthralled for ten minutes than two hours. Simple math, really. Except I've played All Is Bomb for two hours. Yes, in one sitting. And while it never gets big, it remains small in all the right ways. The puzzle feels bigger than eighteen cards. Toss in a few expansions and it takes on a life of its own. It really is a remarkable little thing."
- Space-Biff!: The Quarter Biff

"The second of Gracar’s games on today’s list, All Is Bomb sets itself apart with sheer diminutiveness. Its core experience only requires eighteen cards. Even its host of expansions only add two or three extras apiece. Despite this, it feels many times its size through some combination of gumption, repeated reordering, and the pesky fact that everything is a bomb that keeps exploding before you can properly use it. I’ve been known to riffle through a hand or two while waiting for Geoff to take his turn."

- Space-Biff!: The Best Of 2022

"What’s the difference between a puzzle and a game? Heck if we know. Today’s Space-Cast delves into two puzzle titles by designer Blaž Gracar: the 18-card microgame All Is Bomb and the pen-and-transparent-sheet game LOK. Listen in as we discuss both games, the value of nonsense words, and share some of our favorite puzzle recommendations."

Space-Biff! Podcast


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All Is Bomb was made by Blaž Urban Gracar, a Slovenian artist. He is a musician (composing music for theatre, producing left-field electronica, playing keyboards in a rock band), writer (publishing poetry, prose and comic books), filmmaker (editing and animating short films) and game designer (mostly creating puzzly solo games). He lives by the sea with his partner, her daughter, three cats, a dog and a turtle.


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